At Advanced Drywall Systems, Inc., safety is not just a program, it's our culture. Because we value people as our greatest asset, safety must always remain our top priority. We also understand that creating a safe work environment not only serves our employees, but our customers as well. An accident-free project means lower costs, fewer delays and a successful project for everyone.

Advanced Drywall Systems, Inc.s award winning safety program begins with education at every level from field employees to job foremen to project management. We understand that an effective safety program requires a strong commitment from everyone, starting at the top. Our top management team has been vitally involved in the development and implementation of the safety program. This includes adding a highly experienced Safety Director to the team whose only responsibility is to make our company the safest in the industry.

Site-specific safety programs are developed for each individual project. Once the custom plans are in place, Advanced Drywall Systems, Inc. ensures success through weekly jobsite safety meetings and random inspections. We also recognize that a drug-free workplace is a safer workplace and so Advanced Drywall Systems, Inc. is committed to achieving a drug-free environment through pre-employment, post accident, and random drug testing.